Laura’s Tattoo Factory

Newest tattoo factory in Belgium

Newest tattoo studio in Brussels

We are a professional tattoo studio with the highest quality equipment available on the market. We simply love our job and are fully dedicated to turning your ideas into unique masterpieces, while respecting your body characteristics and abiding by the strictest safety and hygiene standards.

Come and get a tattoo!
Still hesitant? Just pop by to discuss your ideas with us. We will be happy to answer any questions that may be going through your mind. We have a wide variety of modern, classic and old school designs for you to draw inspiration from.

Our artists are talented, passionate, and creative professionals with many years of experience.
You will find us in the centre of Brussels, just two steps away from Sablon square.

What do we do?
We don’t only apply tattoos, but design them as well. We execute your wildest ideas from scratch. Our experience allows us to provide you with valuable advice on the ideal dimension, colour, and placement of your tattoo. We can also remove tattoos and scars in a fast, effective and painless manner using the cutting edge laser machine by Glovcon.

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Tattoo Artist

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Laura’s Tattoo Factory
Rue de Rollebeek 17

phone: 02 410 69 02